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Our experiences blend adventure with nature, heritage, and mindful living. Reconnect, recharge, and embrace a lifestyle that respects our planet,
celebrating a slower, sustainable way of life.

Our Fleet and Price List

Saffron and VBK

Mussel Flats

16’ lug rigged mussel flats, VBK was made by the Worfolk's and Saffron was made for the Loose fishing family in Brancaster. Ideal for exploring the smallest creeks


£395 - 3-4 hrs on the tide

£465 - 4 hrs one way sail

DAY SAILS (8-12 hrs)

£595 - 8 hrs day sail

£695 - 8 hrs sea school





Up to 4 pax or 8 pax with both flats

My Girls

A North Norfolk Crab Boat

20’ open wooden lug rigged crab boat, larch on oak clinker built in Sheringham in 1965. Ideal for calm coastal sailing, exploring creeks and crossing sand banks.


£545 - 3-4 hrs on the tide

£625 - 4 hrs one way sail

DAY SAILS (8-12 hrs)

£795 - 8 hrs day sail

£895 - 8 hrs sea school





Up to 6 pax for all explorations


A Whelk Boat

30’ open wooden lug rigged boat, built in the Worfolk boat yard in Kings Lynn in 1950. Ideal for coastal sailing and camping out with a wood burning stove and canvas tent.


£895 - 3-4 hrs on the tide

£975 - 4 hrs one way sail

DAY SAILS (8-12 hrs)

£1200 - 8 hrs day sail

£1300 - 8 hrs sea school


£1600 - overnight

£1800 - smuggling


Up to 10 pax in the salt marsh, 8 pax at sea and 6 pax overnight


A Wash Smack (from 2024)

A 42' decked gaff rigged smack built in 1923 by the Worfolk boat yard in Kings Lynn. Made to work under sail without an engine. Ideal for tide to tide coastal sails and further.




DAY SAILS (8-12 hrs)

£1900 - 8-10 hrs day sail

£2000 - 8 hrs sea school


£2900 - overnight

£3200 - smuggling


8 Pax for all explorations

For corporate and commercial events and charters please enquire directly.

Tide, Wind and Time


Driven by the moon and sun.

High tide occurs every 12 hours

The time of High Water is approximately an hour later every 24 hours.

Plan on sailing for 4hrs before and after high tide.


Southerly winds provide the most enjoyable and safest sailing.

Northerly winds sweep across the North Sea, allowing for the waves and swell to build.

We can't control the wind, only our direction, so we may have to use the engine!


A 3-5 hr sail use one tide.

An 8 hour sail involves using one tide to reach a location. We then walk off the marsh and drive you back to Wells!

A 10 to 12 hour charter involves sailing from tide to tide and back to wells with some time adventuring on land or the sand

Sea or Salt Marsh?

A sea sail involves going to sea, so it can be more exciting, but those that suffer from seasickness may have to be wary.

The protected salt marsh offers very calm sailing, so there are no waves and you can often touch the bottom of the creeks!

Our provisions

All of our provisions are sustainably sourced from within 28 miles of our HQ.

Our coffee is delivered under sail from Columbia through New Dawn Traders

Breakfast is usually bacon and eggs, sourdough and chutney with freshly made tea and coffee. A vegetarian option includes halloumi cheese, tomatoes and avacardo.

Lunch and supper typically consist of homemade soup, sourdough, a selection of Norfolk cheeses, fresh tomatoes, fish or a pate, chutney and cake of the day.

Suggested kit

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

Head; a woolly hat or sun hat

Body; always have plenty of layers and then a spare set in case you get wet! Carry a waterproof outer shell.

Footwear; in summer soft shoes you do not mind getting muddy and in the colder months wellington boots.

Swimming; shorts and T shirt in the summer and wet suit in the winter and a towl.

Other kit; a dry bag, suncream, flask and sunglasses.

Always carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated

Overnight; sleeping bag, torch and wash kit.

Our Location

Tug Boat Yard, Well Next Sea

Where our explorations begin. Meet us here, we'll get your on board and before you know it you will be in the wilderness of our beautiful salt marshes.

Tug Boat Yard, East Quay, Wells-Next-the-Sea, Norfolk, NR23 1GA

Or directions through Google maps

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