Wild Swim Sails

Wild Swim

We use the power of the sail to take you deep into the salt marsh for a wild swim at one of our many secluded spots. Swim with the tidal flow as you magically move through the creeks at eye level, offering a unique perspective. Then invigorated, warm up with breakfast or warm homemade soup as the exotic waders casually pas by.

We walk the swimming routes at low tide to check for any hidden obstacles and work out the safest times to swim with the tide, ensuring your safety. 

3 -4 hours, depending on tides, weather and the light.

Boat Options:
16’ open engineless mussel flat up to 4 pax.
20’ open wooden lug rigged crab boat up to 6 pax.
30’ whelk boat up to 10 pax.

£395 for the mussel flat
£545 for the crab boat
£895 for the whelker

we work with local food producers to provide some of the best of Norfolk’s sustainable food. Breakfast is typically bacon and eggs with tea or locally ground coffee or a vegetarian option such as halloumi cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes and for lunch we serve a light picnic or if it is cold, soup. We also serve homemade cake which could vary from flapjack to lemon drizzle cake to chocolate cake.

no experience is required, we are super flexible, so you can either drive the boat and handle the sails or just sit back and relax!

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