Refurbished for 2023

Launched in July 1923, Victorious is a Norfolk smack made in King's Lynn for shrimping in the Wash. During the past 3 years we have been refurbishing Victorious and finally she will be back at sea for her centenary (2023).

With her fine hull shape and shallow draught she is the most suitable working boat powered by sail for the north Norfolk coast.

Victorious will become our HQ, moored at our very own Staithe (Stonemeal Staithe) in Wells-Next-the-Sea.

Sail Cargo

We shall be launching three regular cargo runs each year between Kings Lynn and Wells-Next-the-Sea using Victorious. Primarily to keep us supplied with the charter food and drink we need from Kings Lynn, but it is also a chance for you to join the cargo run and or ship your goods sustainably.

Sail power is the most efficient use of a natural eneregy source and so we aim to increasing our capabilities by using this free energy source and reducing the use of our diesel engines.

Our coffee is shipped from Colombia in a schooner, we roast it in Kings Lynn then sail it to our HQ.

Sail Cargo Enquiry

Contact us to ship your cargo sustainably, with deliveries planned for spring, summer and autumn each year, either to or from Wells to KIngs Lynn.

We also organise bespoke deliveries inclduing media and press support.

Or join the crew, help load the cargo, sail Victorious.

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