Field Journal, Sidetracked Magasine

Between Christmas and New Year we set off on a two day expedition with Ian Finch, photographer and guest writer for Sidetracked Magazine on board.
The resulting adventure has been wonderfully written up by Ian:
“The wild Norfolk coast is a difficult and demanding place to sail. Inland is a patchwork of unmarked channels and dangerous creeks, whilst the incessant ebb and flow of the North Sea renders charts out of date by the close of each day. Sandbanks move constantly. Many a fisherman’s life has been lost out on the sandbars a mile or so from the safety of the inlet. Northerly winds turn the sandbar into a violent ribbon of towering swell, making the exit from Wells a dangerous proposition, but one some are willing to take – for family, livelihoods, survival, and exploration.”
To read the full account of our exploits and to view some beautiful images captured, click on this link here.