Our first three day adventurous charter

First Three Day Adventure

During the winter of 2015 we were approached by a high end life coaching and adventure company to set up a demanding three-day navigation of the North Norfolk Coast for a single client.

Our proposal was to use the 30” Whelk boat to sail along the coast from Brancaster to Wells, whilst at night using it as a base camp with a snug canvas boom tent, therefore allowing the client to be completely disconnected from the modern world and immersed in nature.

Despite strong NE winds, low tides at the most inconvenient time of the day, we still managed with some very demanding sails against the tide in a significant swell.

It was exhilarating to see Salford taking the weather well within her stride and the client absorbed by gaff rig sailing.

Some of the activities including a rendezvous, rowing to and from Salford, wild swimming, foraging and preparing local food, traditional sailing, map and compass navigation and long walks to meet the resupply team.

Just as important were some of the evenings sharing a single malt whisky under the stars on the very edge of Norfolk as the tides reminded us of their strength and our insignificance.

This was exactly the type of adventure that I had devised whilst working abroad a few years ago and so I was delighted to see a very exhausted, but happy client at the end of it.

The best news is that they would like some similar trips next year!’